Piggy's secret car blog and twitter account? Larps as a mechanic with the pen name "Torque Wheeler"


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"Look at me losers! Im at the beach with my friend ( of 4 decades) and totally not thinking of you. Im totally not responding by making this video. Just look at this view. Im sorry someone hurt you"

He does all the typical reactions. You got some weak name calling, passive aggressiveness,claims about metal health problems, chest puffing. The "take a step closer" and remove sunglasses was a nice touch. He really thought he was doing something there.
Yeah he's one of those fat fucks who thinks Big=Intimidating


Sane Sociopath
Oh my fucking Lord...
These faggots always whine that people are so.much meaner than they used to be when the opposite is true. The difference is people like Ms Potato Head did act all haughty and deliberately draw attention to themselves. Does she think photoshopping her with a dick in her mouth is a rape threat? I'm sure Ching Chong Legal team is having a laugh
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I laugh at them because they're all the same.


Has anyone read this horseshit?

Him referring to his alter ego for some reason has my ribs busted:

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Can't wait until he is sponsored by Nord VPN and Blue Chew. Jealous yet, Dan? I will give him credit for not using a Amazon referral link and instead saying "you can get it on Amazon" but points off for not even providing a link. He can't do anything right.