Pat resists temptation

Lamont & Tonelli

Brevity is... wit.

"He had this crazy look in his eyes, it's hard to describe..."
I think if you'd let that run another two weeks we'd have corkscrew dick pics from it.
There's a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking to do here.

I didn't want to just wait indefinitely because these TextNow numbers get recycled if you don't use them for a couple days. So I would have had to login to that account and send some random text message to someone every day or two for however long it takes him to hit me up again.

I also felt gay as fuck coming on to him as a woman and even worse when he didn't jump on my advances. What's a chick gotta do to get some corkscrew dick?


Stand Alone Fruit
He's pulled the "I'm flattered but happily married" line before at the first sign of anything flirtatious. It's how I know he's never been an Old Testament Sex God. He doesn't know how to flirt or deal with flirting at all. I wouldn't be surprised if he was sitting in the bar and a girl said "Hello, my name is Denise" and he responded with "I'm flattered but happily married".
100%. He’s such a dope with zero game and married the only two women he’s had sex with. He thinks any woman making small talk is hitting on him. Same with MM Schill who claims she’s gets hit on “everywhere” yet to her the Starbucks employee asking for her name for her order is “hitting” on her.