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Highlights of the Sub?


I can’t believe I missed this, but there was some drama with MC Serch?
My goodness that was a very funny night. I remember coming across the steam and he has 2 viewers, including myself. I made a post and not even 5 mins later his viewership more than quadrupled.

Then the comments came.

Absolutely one of the funniest moments of my life and I've lived a hilarious life.


Patrice fawking rives!!
He was doing a livestream show during Covid. The knuckleheads in the chat gave him, his wife and his daughter a warm welcome to our universe. It was not appreciated.


Aaaand punt.
Someone posted it recently. He looked Indian
time to make that serch avatar move artie


The Ricci/Lawless/Redhead Chick From B52s Alliance
When Anthony came into the sub drunk and went on tirades against us was so funny. They were so underrated to the sub though. I remember I would copy them and reply to people with his arguments (like joe cumia or boomia posting, but with ant's rants) but I'd get downvoted because they thought it was me raging at them.


He even made the news over here.

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Translated: The man who caused a bloodbath in Nice with a truck, is according to French media the 31-year-old Antwan Kumiya from the same city.

Here they rectify their mistake, "Kumiya turns out to be a comedian, not a terrorist"

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This is fucking hilarious. I still think getting Ant on the news as a terrorist might be the greatest ever bit.
I miss the Beige documentaries. I watch the entire Anthony Cumia’s demented world anthology at least once a month.

It was nice having an ongoing chronicle of the havoc that was wrought on Nana’s life in the years after the Sirius firing.

The Antwan Kumiya angle, Colin Flaherty vs. Ronnie in front of a weeping Nana, Joe Cumia’s peoples court appearance.

My hope is that the fearless leader of this site consolidates the music and comedian criticism sections together so we can get eyes on the Brothers Cumia again.


Michael Richards Bot getting listed on the top reddit bot lists had a niggas ribs. Other honorable bots that didn't take off as much: Henry Rollins Bot, Stephen Paddock Bot
There was a PatrickSTomlinson bot that was way up there too.

I'm sure someone has mentioned it but Nana's empty book signing and Joe completely embarrassing himself was the last great Joe bit. So lucky some faggot was live streaming it.