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It's a funny name.
I hope the dumb fuck goes through the clearcoat with that clay bar and buffing.

There's no way he has a true buffer and if he does he's gonna fuck that paint up something awful, which will be funny af for us. Chances are he's either doing it by hand or he has one of those polishers. He doesn't have a compound that I can see so i doubt he's really gonna get rid of any real swirl marks or deep imperfections. He's just putting on 2 coats of polish and a wax. He spent $75 and he probably could have had the thing professionally done for $150-200. Instead he'll spend a few hours out there on Saturday and then treat himself to Hoolie's for a job fatly done. I expect to see a picture of that rust bucket sitting outside Hooligans on Saturday with a dumb Rick "She still looks great" comment sometime this weekend. I bet it gets under 50 likes.


Yikes on all the bikes!
Further proof that God is a pat-poster: the new iOS update includes both a wheel emoji and an x-ray of some ribs



Cars aren't built like they used to be.
Using a clay bar on a car that sits outside in an alley. What a dumbass.

If he thinks he's going to polish the car by hand and have any effect he's also a fucking retard of the highest order (1.7*).

And that wax is a fucking joke. Carnuba wax is for old boomers because it was a thing decades ago.

Last car guy of his generation and he can't even wash and wax a car without being a mongoloid.

Salted Earth Truffle

Eat your heart out, Alan Titchmarsh
a casual conversation might naturally turn to discussing your own work
We know how this really goes: Pat talking nonstop about himself and his “full-time job” writing books even though he hasn’t published anything for almost four years*.

Then Pat pulls out a book and awkwardly won’t let the person get away without buying one. He’s that subtle and “natural” about it.

*He’s so afraid of what Owen A. would do to ruin everything if he ever published any other book. When he’s the one who ruins everything by being Pat.