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It certainly is


Slackjawed Cow

I laugh at them because they're all the same.
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Boxes upon boxes of books he bought from Tor and is going to hand-sell.

It's like a pyramid scheme except nobody makes money. They only get disappointing literature.
Those boxes of books have been on the table since he returned from the convention. He just hasnt put them away. They were on the table of his recent foot/cat photo too.


Stand Alone Fruit
Why is he so proud of his super mediocre car?
He believes it makes him super cool to everyone in the world. Mentally he’s still a teenager in Wisconsin in the 90s. I bet the most popular guy drove a mustang at his school. It’s insane how he thinks it makes him special and unique to drive a mass produced car. I bet he’s the douchebag that revs it every chance he gets in traffic for everyone to look and say “that guys a faggot!


Stand Alone Fruit
My money’s on a craigslist ad by niki asking for someone else to do it once he gives up.
It’s funny how his “auto expert” persona ran out of anything mechanic related pretty quick. He’s down to “here’s how to wash and wax your car” which does NOT help extend the life of your car. Next will be “why you shouldn’t forget to change your oil” and “knowing when to buy new tires”