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I hope people Ouija you tweets after your dead
Patrick returns 3 days later to get the last word. Odd that he uses the prison phrasing.



He poisons himself and expects the world to die.
Patrick returns 3 days later to get the last word. Odd that he uses the prison phrasing.

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Of course he just proves how important these little crumbs of validation are for him, which any actual successful person would consider demeaning. Larry doesn't have to present to empty rooms to get his name out there, pat. Larry doesn't have to bring a suitcase of his own books to "handsell" and then give away when nobody buys them, PAT.


This Correa guy sounds like a bit of a faggot himself. Bragging about having a gun and pretending to be an ass kicking tough guy. "In my hick town we used to punch horses and drink varnish for fun."

Anytime you hear a one-sided story like this that's low on details and things just seem to happen for no reason, you know someone is skipping over all the stupid shit they did. This guy and Pat were trying to out-alpha each other at the dork convention and Pat took it to the next level and became extra retarded.

I'm guessing it was half way in between his confrontation with the MAGA hat Bill Burr lookalike when he was defending pedophiles and his rage fueled spergathons against Josiah and the MPD.


I'm sure it's been said one way or another, but you have to love how pat's best own is that he gets to all but literally sit at the cool kids table at gencon. Doesn't matter that Larry outsells that whole symposium combined and he probably writes more books in a year than pat reads, not to mention the audience was a disinterested gaggle of about 9 people... he is winning.
Sounds like somebody's never shared gas station Indian food, family style, on a couple twin beds in Rack Daddy's hotel room.
Even in total desertion, Pat still finds a way to seriously and traumatically harm his daughter on a day-to-day level.

Is she not approaching her teen years? Of course she's going to want to be on social media to chat with her girlfriends soon. Meanwhile biological dad is on there displaying his mental illness to the world.

Seriously even as a guy/boy imagine how embarrassed you would be at 13 or 14 if your old man was on Twitter child'ing people, everyone calling him mentally ill, public record of him threatening to murder you/mom, everyone knows that he has herpes, a micropenis, no money and no job, etc.

And it's not one of those deals where Dad is a rich celeb with embarrassing public dirt but the flip side is you drive a Range Rover. Pat has a negative net worth.

Can't stop hurting his daughter even from across the country. Harms the retirement plans of his mother in law. Everyone who gets near him feels the pain of his existence.