reason 1/1,000,000 why Niki Robinson is a piece of shit


The best part of this story is your lawyer knowing to go through Nikki and not bother with Pat.

This sounds like a scam you pull on your dumb immigrant landlord. Oh no I must've sent you the old rent amount by accident! I'll send another one as soon as I'm back next week.

Not really as stupid as I expected though. I thought the letter was gonna say please confirm receipt via email: [email protected]
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A lot of people would have cashed it thinking they would just get the rest later.
They clearly outlined their intentions by including the "full satisfaction" line. That's legalese for "this is all we intend to pay you, suck our asses."

How many people know there's an obscure law that says that?
There's a very not-obscure law that says Fuck you; pay me.


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Which is more insulting? The fact that they tried to steal $26k or that with their 140IQ (combined) they thought you would fall for it?

Just noticed they thought they would be clever by dating the letter the 6th. "oh we sent that before you told us of the updated balance!". The bank drafted check is on the 8th.
I love how pathologically dishonest they both are. They try to be sneaky but you can always hear the floorboards creaking under their weight.
I imagine Nik is even more of a liar than pat is. She seems just smart enough to really know when she's being dishonest, but will try it anyway. I don't actually think Patrick has the capacity to mentally process his own lies for what they really are. He just "thinks" on autopilot and keeps moving. Niki is clearly a crafty cunt who truly believes she's the smart one in the relationship.