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Pedophile Patrick S. Tomlinson has faked another swatting


Opie Simp
patrick s tomlinson is a pedophile.png

Nobody cares faggot, stop calling the police to your home for attention.

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Blacknigger Jones

Report Joshua Moon to the IRS
The most recent one before this from a few days ago literally didn't happen - there is no log of it anywhere - he made it up for attention. Having read our forum comments calling him out for it, looks like he called in a real one. Note that the most recent **ACTUAL** swatting occurred on New Years. So this "swatter" just randomly decided to wait several months until a couple days after Patrick lied about being swatted to call in a real one. Perfect timing!

In case anyone doesn't remember, Patrick tried a few days ago to claim that he was "swatted", only problem is it literally never happened and he was completely lying for sympathy and attention:


Hi Fatty! Can't wait until your ass is in prison.
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Portly Pepperoni Purveyor
Special Boy treatment pending

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Yet when metokur, Vickers, Morris and a load of other people adjacent to the farms got SWATTED. They did the same thing. the very next swatting they got a phone call instead (morris still had people turn up but they weren't coming in hard, they phoned first)
These are people who have been SWATTed a couple of times at best and they were immediately noted on record as it could be hoaxes after the first.

Is MKE PD that stupid compared to all these other PD's or is there something else going on?
I'm sure piggy was very level headed and not at all condescending when talking to the MKE PD.
At no point would they turn up SEVENTEEN times (actual number nearer 10) unless it's for a reason.