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Looks like Pat is not getting any closer to finishing his awful works in progress

Uncle Anthony Cumia

Hot tubs, guns and slack jawed brothers
Honestly it wouldn't matter what he did with that "yard", the surroundings would ruin it anyway. Look at the metal fencing and and shitty low income houses around him. Also there's zero privacy.

God what a depressing dump. It makes me happy Rick has to live there.
I know I’ve said it before, but I would rather live in Compton circa 1987 than in Piggy’s hood. At least Compton is in sunny Los Angeles County.

Slackjawed Cow

I laugh at them because they're all the same.
He's had the garbage bag/dumpster there for over a year? That would be unthinkable where I live. Nice living in niggerville, stupid.
Im going to guess that this is a second bagster he got after people here were laughing at the random piles of wood he trying hide at the edge of the "yard". He still had a bunch of trash wood left over from the deck. He will let this sit in the yard until next spring because he thinks he should wait until its filled all the way up until he calls for pick up.


Pretty clear Niki’s mom had enough of his laying around doing nothing so now he has to do jobs around the house.
View attachment 122582
View attachment 122583
He’s learned to not put his fat head and body in the shadow View attachment 122584
What a dump!
200w (8).gif

Slackjawed Cow

I laugh at them because they're all the same.
He must. Seriously, it looks like nothing was done. It's dry dirt that hasn't been turned up at all.

How is one person so consistently easy to make fun of? He's bad at literally everything.
Instead of actually doing the the work he would rather just use a word that sounds like more work than he actually did. He embellishes everything.


maybe kiss you
View attachment 122588

This one is clearly the worst of the two chairs. Your ass is basically touching grass and the back recline is like a coach airplane seat. My neck hurts just looking at it.

Patrick if you're reading this, please take a break and sit in this chair for like 2 minutes while you check twitter. See how long it takes for the backpain to start.
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