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Is Patposting dead?

Debt Amortization shit is coming up presumably. Right now there are Pat files ready to be requested at the MKE courts in which he declares who his employer is (UHC) and admits the debt under penalty of perjury.

Con season is coming, Wonderfest is in like 2 weeks.

more garden and cooking Pat. Third better husband is a new character that's about to drop.

Eric is about to dox boomia and that'll be funny.

We're fine.

Jackie's Street Shitter

Loo loo loo loo
It’s been less than a month since some of the funniest shit we’ve seen. We are spoiled. The kiwi farmers are running out of things to text him and the felony tweeters are being bored in to submission. Don’t worry, any temporary or cessation of pat content will result in pat declaring victory, making a giant ass of himself, and starting everything up again
He just got dragged by the guy from lost like 10 days ago

We're fentanyl addicts and the od is inevitable


Your chair looks like shit, Fat boy.
Unless he's paid back Quasi, lost 60 lbs and stopped being a cunt on twitter, nothing is over.


A circle of N-words
Many possible sagas await. Divorce saga, Annabelle turning 18 and being spammed with Pat content saga, Burnell murder arrest saga, self swatting arrest saga, dui saga, Susan crapping out saga, new tenants saga, pat gets a job saga, and the list goes on and on. Towards the future brothamen.
Its our own Truman Show, except about a talentless fat cunt that we want to see fail miserably in all areas of his life. And hes exceeded expectations so far.


Your chair looks like shit, Fat boy.
pat gets a job saga
While I would love to see him forced to work a mcjob, Fat would sooner move back into his childhood bedroom and live off his elderly parents than stoop to something so beneath him like honest work. It would be hilarious though.

I worked in the service industry plenty when I was younger, so still hate anyone who's rude or needlessly demanding with service staff, but I might make an exception if Patty Cakes ended up in those shoes. Fly over just to send back my order 4 times and ask if he's "slow or something?"


teen smoking is back baby
Pat has gotten really boring lately tbphwc.

The problem is the "enjoy prison" cope. Its his happy place. Do anything that upsets him, his brain starting thinking about how he's going to be so so so so happy when his stalkers all go to prison. The problem is he didn't learn his lesson from the BDA incident. A crazed stlaker crossed state lines (!!) and came to Hooligans specifically to fight him, not even a slap on a wrist. Not even a paltry $50 fine for disorderly conduct. Victims don't get to smugly goad their "cyberstalkers" and then proclaim in court their smug gloating doesn't count.

But yeah, he's gotten so deeply entrenched in his daydream that he's become a bore. It's like spending 98% of your life waiting for your Hogwarts letter to arrive, or waiting for a vampire to turn you. Nothing in the present is worth discussing, just how great it's gonna be when Lestat makes you a creature of the night. He's gonna spend the rest of his life absolutely broken, and I don't think anyone can fix him. Enjoying prison is his life now.