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Is Patposting dead?


Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 9.15.01 PM.png


Them boys would fly in the mud over my house
You niggers just dont learn. “Patposting is dead”, Pat gets suspended on election night and book release night. “Patposting js dead”. Pat squanders $100,000 of pedophile money on a frivolous lawsuit. “Patposting is dead”. Pat has a public court hearing where will tate forgot to mute his device. Stfu with the PP is dead shit.

John Wayne Gacy

Patrick's real father
We're in a lull, yes. But it always gets like that from time to time. On a broader scale, there's still plenty of highway on the pat journey---all the side characters, the convention, random acts of God/insanity, etc. Plus Annabelle has yet to descend into the rabbit hole of her biological father. She's just a kid (and we should let her be one for now) but when she does stumble across this place, the possibilities are endless. We just have to be patient.
Time, oh funsters, time is our dearest friend.

Faggot Patposter

Long live the miscegenated white supremacist army
It’s been less than a month since some of the funniest shit we’ve seen. We are spoiled. The kiwi farmers are running out of things to text him and the felony tweeters are being bored in to submission. Don’t worry, any temporary or cessation of pat content will result in pat declaring victory, making a giant ass of himself, and starting everything up again