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Crybully gets his fence order dismissed

Will Tate

Yours in Christ
That's right, you get that fence fixed, fatty.
Karma is correcting itself with days of prize pig victories.
Wednesday: "So glad to have my daughter back in my life! She says she hated Jon and couldn't wait until I could come back." [+5000 followers]
Thursday: "Just had a threesome with my first wife and second, hotter wife. We're a big happy family now."
Friday: "Just got the Quasi case thrown out."
Monday: "Quasi and all of ONA forums is in prison."
Tuesday: "Trump is in prison. Finally got the recognition I deserve from the FBI on TV. Fucking idiots."
Wednesday: "Publisher finally came through. Tiny Tim Murder Spree is getting a movie!"
Thursday: "Glad to see the CDC finally revised their stupid BMI scale. I TOLD you guys I'm underweight."
Friday: "Oopsie doodles! Looks like I messed about and got 5 million followers. Who'da thunkit?"
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