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Crybully gets his fence order dismissed

Pringle Can Lothario

Sir...don't do that!
Note on the IG feed he was at City Hall on the 18th...
Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 5.46.13 PM.png


How does that feel?!
As small as it is, this might actually be his first real win against us. I don't count him getting his twitter back as a win because it is the source of all his misery.

he will consider it a win but its a total fucking loss on his part. not only did it take time / effort (no matter how little, it interrupted his couch time and made him take responsibility), it also forced him to interact with people local to him and you just know he went right into rants about the cyberatalkers and pepperoni insanity, making everyone totally aware he is crazy. his reputation is clown shoes.