Buffalo shooting.


Go work. Get Sandwiches
I guess I'm not the only one. I still have the New Zealand shooting saved. Madness
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Gay Faggot.

Day 1 Wyyz fanatic.
Chris Dorner’s did a great job laying out his motives and giving a sense of who he was; Elliot Rodger wrote an vivid insight into how incredibly pathetic he was. ‘Course, nothing beats Uncle Ted’s manifesto.
Teds manifesto should be required reading for every school. Not that it was particularly “brilliant” just that it was dead on. Other people had written similar ideas before him. He wrapped it up in a nice bow and acted on it. Something every American should appreciate.


Something random I can add to all of this for you while we wait for the video. I'm from the area, do all my shopping exclusively at Tops, very easy to steal. A long time ago they had a motto/jingle: Tops never stops saving you more. As kids we would always say: Tops never mops, look at the floor. Good fawkin times, I tell ya.
That's a pretty good bit.