Buffalo shooting.


Go work. Get Sandwiches

^ The alleged shooters Twitter, which is hilarious because if it's true then he's a brony.

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Apparently a still from the stream. I can't confirm anything yet, but if it's legit looks like he was inspired by C-Church.
Who the fuck is this cunt? King Robbo died a long time ago RIP


The Nigger that spawned the Sicilians
Do all these shooters really think their "manifestos" will make a difference? No one cared the previous thousand times, but your case will change the world somehow? Just another rambling weirdo who can't get a girl.
Chris Dorner’s did a great job laying out his motives and giving a sense of who he was; Elliot Rodger wrote an vivid insight into how incredibly pathetic he was. ‘Course, nothing beats Uncle Ted’s manifesto.