Worst places you’ve been?


Driving in New Mexico was absolute hell. I don't know how people do it regularly. How the fuck are the roads so bad?

What about how it's so dark you can't see shit and there are all these end of Splash Mountain looking demented animals staring out you on the side of the road letting you know they could jump in front of your vehicle and total your vehicle/kill you at any point in time. "Please non-existent lord, just let me get to Pie Town."


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Tangier Island off the coast of Virginia. It's like a little tiny third world country but with weird "seabillies" that have a strange residual English accent. The graveyards are all fucked up and they say bodies pop out sometimes when it rains heavily. As a child, i found it very depressing to visit there.

Runner up: the Bronx, talk about a mongrel shithole
That actually looks like an awesome place to fly into and stay overnight with the wife, thanks!

Selma AL has Zimbabwe vibes. Whites moved out, content of character something something. Just police cars on the corners of nigger 'bidnessess' trying to control the feral nigger population. All weave/dread headed radial-tire black pavement apes.

Memphis TN, and any of the other majority nigger cities in the South.

I drove across WV. Saw almost no blacks or really much of anything. Might move there.
Basically anywhere in West Virginia. It’s dirty, cold, shit roads, everyone is a depressed meth head with some disability. All the women are fat and have 4 fat children by the age of 19, food is bad. There’s 0 redeeming qualities.
I don't even like stopping there for food or gas on a road trip. Just utterly depressing.


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UTVs are street legal in WV, just sayin.
They are where I live too. There's constantly four wheelers and side by sides on the road. Snowmobiles in the winter too. They only recently made it legal but it's been happening forever and nobody really gave a shit. When I was in highschool a couple kids would ride snowmobiles to school the odd time and the school's right in town.


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Detroit by a lot. My dad got us lost in a post apocalyptic wasteland that was like 3 blocks away from the bustling city part with the football stadium and shit. He ended up asking a cop for directions and he was like "What the fuck are you doing? Follow me and don't stop." He put the lights on. My dad slowed down for a yellow light and the guy hit the siren and gave him like a "KEEP GOING YOU FUCKING RUBE" gesture. We just cruised around Everyone-will-kill-you Detroit for like an hour like fucking bumpkins in a nice Eddie Bauer edition Explorer, the only car on the road with wheels on it. Every window was boarded up. Nobody was outside but you knew they were in those places watching you. It was like I Am Legend.

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