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This Christmas, I'm going get everyone together by the fire, and play my favorite Christmas album...



I always hated Genesis after they stole Land of Confusion from Disturbed. Don’t even get me started on sccuuummmbbaaagg U2 stealing from Ozzy. They really motherfucked Black Sabbath.

Yimmy opening his prezzies this Christmas.


Lamont & Tonelli

Brevity is... wit.
I was livin by the dikes, la la la la
smokin all the grass, la la la la
eatin space cake with the la la la la
lookin at some windmills, la la la la la la la la

I was livin in a penal colony, la la la la
roiped by some abbos, la la la la
sleeping in the road with the petrol la la
dingo ate me baby, la la la la la la la la

I wath livin up in Canada, la la la la
texthtin Patty inthultth, la la la la
calling people niggerth with the la la la la
but everybody here doeth that, la la la la la la la

I was trying to be funny, la la la la
didn't really work out, la la la la
kinda lost the plot with the la la la la
gonna punch out now and hope for the best next time, la la la la la la la

Consensual Rapist

Where the fuck is my Sue Lightning……FUCK!!!!
Lost my job, la la la la
Couldn’t control my own network, la la la la
Everyone left me, la la la la
Now I hang with nobodies, la la la la
Had to sell my mansion, la la la la
Moving to a state with lower age of consent, la la la la
Being called nana, la la la la
Sue Lightning, la la la la
Being mocked on the daily, la la la la
Anal egg is my only friend, la la la la
Gonna get beat by my girlfriend, la la la la
Playing a game aimed at kids, la la la la
Tweeting about black crime all night, la la la la
Drink all night, la la la la
Pock marks on my face, la la la la
Keep your underage kids away from me, la la la la
Tag teamed Bobos sister with Kurt Love, la la la la
My brothers a bovine, la la la la
Couldn’t see my own mother, la la la la