Terrible Nicknames Given to Women You've Known


In the time machine thread someone mentioned knowing a girl nicknamed Titsburgh. Made me laugh and made me think of nicknames of women I have known. Some of them are:

L.T. Stood for Leather Tits. They were big but when she tried to tit fuck it felt like a catchers mitt wrapped around your cock

BJ Barb. This one is rather self explanatory.

The Love Tractors. Freshman year of college two girls who happened to be roommates had a contest to see who could bang the most guys.


Eight six six, Ron zero Rez
TT - stood for Toothless Tard. Some ugly redneck bitch who worked at the place my friends and I worked at for our summer job one year. She had zero teeth in her head. When she found out about the name, she threatened to sic her “big, badass Mexican boyfriend” on us. He did not exist.