Piggy went to Vegas

Sgt. Barnes

35 days short
"I rented a vehicle, perhaps you've heard of it, it's a little thing called a MUSTANG. I'm such a gearhead, teehee"
My buddys really into old cars, and I accidentally referred to his Chevelle as a Nova (I dont know dick about cars). He corrected me and said “Its fine, just dont fuckin call it a Mustang”

Love when real life confirms Pats faggotry

Shane Gillis

Stand-up comedian, Philly
lol at having her take a picture next to massive pills of all things. Not even that amount of pharmaceuticals will fix what's wrong wtih her though



Of course they went to Area 15. It's the most popular place for young girls to take pictures for their Instagram account.

Of course they went downtown. It's where the fat midwestern rubes go who can't afford the strip. Hopefully he was accosted by one of the agressive tweakers or one of the pedos that walk around with their cock out.


Zen Gayness
I can't imagine anything worse than having to be present and live in the moment while on vacation; actually enjoying yourself and disconnecting rather than viewing the entire experience through your screen because you can't be away from Twitter.

Poor guy. Having to actually experience his vacation in person rather than tweet the entire time. What a living hell.


How many of Anthony's boat vacation weekends at Fire Island have been ruined by his Twitter addiction?

Slackjawed Cow

I laugh at them because they're all the same.
Why does she put the black power fist up? Is it because she’s autistic? Very odd. Also weird to hear him call her “baby” since he uses it mostly as an insult.
Remember John saying he wasnt always like this? I think she was the hardcore feminist and pat embraced it. Maybe she influenced him into all this woke shit. It never crossed my mind until I saw her do the fist thing for no reason. He might be pandering to her interests. Thoughts?