Piggy went to Vegas


Cakehorn enthusiast

Might be some new selfies coming, I wonder how much more weight he's put on...


"AnTi-swaTTing laws"
I went to Vegas for the first time last summer for my buddy's bachelor party. It was pretty standard Vegas fare, coke, heavy drinking, lots of gambling, strip clubs, and everything costs a bajillion dollars. Gotta say I loved it, but the best part was going down to "Old Vegas", which is the shitty run down part that the mob used to run. That was where all the shitty people hung out and all the degenerates were. It is fucking mind boggling thinking about how much money goes through that fucking city and all the gaudy horseshit it funds. I was walking around my resort with all the other fat white trash rubes and just in awe. I can't wait to see what faggotry Rick got up to while he was there.