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No Bacon, Egg & Cheese on a Roll MEGATHREAD


Oh, here comes Ray with his O-PIN-ION
i've never cooked salmon but i like it when other people cook it for me. i usually stick to white fish like cod or talipia because that's hard to screw up!

AVOID Tilapia.

They're only farmed, packed way too tight in said farms, and live off terrible feed and their own shit.

It's why it's so cheap, it's the worst fish you can ingest.


The Lizard King

No bacon, egg, cheese on a roll this morning...​

Day 1 of an old school no-sugars, no-carbs, only healthy fats diet. 6 small healthy meals/snacks day and a lean and green (6oz meat and salad) at night. Not drinking much alcohol at all, so to quit altogether is no big deal. Back to Sashimi, and NO FOOD AT ALL AFTER 8pm.

I’ve been feeling like ass since putting on 40lbs over the last 2 years…Lower back fucked up, can’t bend straight over to tie my sneakers without breathing hard, feels like I’m laying face first on a basketball if I try to get a tan on my fat ass…

A high weight of 250 today folks. It will only go down from here.

ANYONE CAN DO IT. Takes will power and the desire to feel healthy overriding the desire to eat food that tastes GREAT. I quit smoking and (backmin the day) blow…cold turkey. Just stopped at will.

If you follow this plan and get your body into “fat burning mode” (takes about 2 weeks of hardcore diet adjustment) WITH NO CHEATING…and the weight will fall off of you like a terminal AIDS patient.

(No offense AIDS patients….)

Goal- 210lbs…

PS- I cover my fatness up well. Being 6’ 1” helps big time.



Torque & Rooster

Nice non-matching plates that look like they might be paper, ...stupid

It's hilarious how he keeps turning the stupid mug towards the camera in these pictures. That means he's carefully fussing with the placement of every tiny thing like a girl until he's proud enough to take the picture, and everything still looks like dogshit.