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Apparently, having a $20k+ judgement debt coming in means your "losing everything"


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I guess he thinks the sultan of Oman is going to grab Gibney and send him to Milwaukee as a personal favor? What’s the scenario where he loses anything, Rick?
Sultan child, this teacher hosts transphobic, homophobic, misogynistic and racist content online!

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* Oman names Gibney new Education Minister *


These popped up a few days ago. Quasi's motion to vacate is denied. Though I can't tell whether the clerk was then ordered to treat the original order as a judgement, or whatever the dispute was. @law_bot comment? They are identical other than the amended one contains the sentence "The clerk is instructed to issue an abstract of judgement after defendant presents a proper judgement". Wasn't the whole dispute about whether or not the original ruling counted as a judgement?




It says the clerk is instructed to issue the judgment, at the bottom. The motion to vacate was moot once the judgment is signed. The judgment was needed to domesticate, based on krichs comments in the hearing.

Or sumtpin tssss
It says clerk is instructed to issue the Abstract of Judgement after Defendant presents a proper judgement. Wasn't the whole issue concerning the fact that there technically was no judgement on file? I guess only Quasi would know.