I just got dumped by my main "chick", and my close friend of 13 years killed himself, all within the same couple of hours.

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I’ve lost friends before too. A very close friend of mine died of a possible suicide years back .. he had told me he was thinking about killing himself and I didn’t take him seriously. His mom called me in a frenzy the next morning after we hung out.. maybe he had said something to her too or she just knew something was wrong. She told me to go check on him but by the time I showed up the police were already there, he was dead on his couch of a xanax overdose. Felt a lot of guilt for a long time over that like I could have done something and maybe it was partly my fault. To this day I don’t know if it actually was a suicide or not because he didn’t leave a note or anything, but I was definitely the last person to see him alive and the first person to find him after the cops showed up. Fucked me up hard for awhile but it was over a decade ago now so I’ve mostly moved on..

Nice dead friend, stupid