Did Club Soda Kenny throw Nana out of Burr's Patrice Benefit After Party?

Isn't he a little too old to not be accepting responsibility like an adult?

The Count is really going to die like one (minus the castle). He's a low budget Daniel Plainview who instead of breaking ties with a deaf bastard, he instead finally breaks ties with society as a whole.
"There's a whole ocean of tranny cum under your feet and only I can get to it!!!"


I read Nina as Nana, and I agree...Patrice O'Neal (if he was still alive) would not be friends with 2023 Nana...Patrice was pro black af, more than Godfrey...after the 2015 scaffolding incident and seeing Nana double down on the F/N stuff, it would just make Patrice even more race conscious...He would be pro BLM, pro-George Floyd, pro everything Nana was disparaging...and it would affect their friendship.

Unless Patrice borderline cooned up and tolerated Nana's nonsense...which no amount of funny or OnA spots to plug Elephant in the room could make up for, because once you let someone as undistinguised as nana define the merits of your race and you accept it, Im sorry, but you have to be a coon to some degree...and Patrice O'Neal was not a coon.

You cannot be a black man and be friends with Nana...sorry
Pretty sure he considered nana a piece of shit and only tolerated him to sell tickets. When he stopped selling tickets he'd ignore him


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ONAForums was actually discussing the Anthony vs. Bill Burr meeting a year ago in April 2022.



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Interesting tidbit regarding Godfrey (first time you ever heard that)

On the day of the Patrice Oneal benefit, I made a thread for pissed off ONA uncles to discuss "Worst O&A Guests"

The very first word in my thread was "Godfrey" in nice bold letters. At that moment just before midnight, Godfrey had next to no relevance to ONAForum. The very next night, Anthony gets checked by Kenny, History was made.

Let this be a lesson to any who cross me.