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CONSPIRACY THEORY: Tomlinson + Emails and Fox6 GM call

Slackjawed Cow

I laugh at them because they're all the same.
Pat sensationalizing again. Clearly they took it down once facts were presented that you clearly failed to tell the news Pat. That phone call was hardly harassment.




The Dutch are FAGS!!!
This needs to be carpet bombed across his twitter. Not that any of it will change anything, but the hilarity of his harassment being high level productions of artistic merit while he's hitting low hanging fruit with some tranny helping him get swatted. God can only make this better by Pat being riddled with gunfire on his 8th self-swatting and the police providing the evidence he did it with the help of Lucas Roberts who gets extradited to the USA and is tried and imprisoned in the same prison as Hunter Biden. There Lucas and Hunter marry and Niki makes conjugal visits as part of a throuple.