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Betsy Resto's case

Uncle Anthony Cumia

Hot tubs, guns and slack jawed brothers
Yall niggas including myself was sleeping at the wheel on this one because the ball has been rolling for a while and we missed several dates. Here's what you need to know:

Betsy Resto has been sued by a manlet Spic after she accused him of being a rapist. The next court date is Thursday, 12 January at 10:00AM - Branch 31 Room 402 You can view the case here:


As you can see, court hearings still take place via Zoom. It should also be noted that she retained her own noted twink faggot brother to represent her, along with this guy.


Wait a second. Is that...


Kendrick Yandell sounds like a brotha with an Anthony Anderson fade lined out proper circa The Shield. Probably has a properly edged and manicured beard and the flyest suit collection in Milwaukee. Betsy is about to give being an unpaid whore a Resto, as she’s gonna have to jerk and suck a lot of cock to pay the judgment when she loses this case.

Burner Email

мій тато не гей, хлопче
Sorry all this new pat shit got my attention and wasnt looking at this case, apparently there is some developments.

Motion hearingGrady-23, LindseyKoenigs, Irene
Additional text:
Plaintiff appears by Attorney Kendrick Yandell.
Defendant appears by Attorney Brian Christopher Spahn and Attorney Brinton J Resto.

Matter before the Court for Motions Hearing on plaintiff's motion to amend scheduling order and defendant's motion for relief from injunction.

Court holds conversation with the parties off the record.

Case called. The Court hears statements from the parties.

Based on agreement of the parties, the Court VACATES injunction granted 09/21/2022.
FURTHER, the Court orders matter adjourned for briefing as to motions hearing as to plaintiff's Motion to Amend Scheduling Order and Motion for Leave to Amend Complaint.
FURTHER, the Court VACATES pre-trial conference scheduled for 10/09/2023 at 10:00AM.

Plaintiff's Brief/Memorandum due on or before 08/25/2023;
Defendant's Response due on or before 09/15/2023;
Plaintiff's reply, if any, due on or before 09/29/2023.

Motions Hearing adjourned to Br. 23 via Zoom for all parties.
Motion hearing scheduled for October 11, 2023 at 11:00 am.

Case status
Reopened - Electronic filing

Harry Powell

Status-lacking Chucklehead

11-14-202303:30 pmZOOM HEARING-CIVILFinal pre-trialCourtGrady-23, Lindsey

12-01-202309:00 amMilwaukee County Courthouse, Room 402Motion hearingCourtGrady-23, Lindsey
Has she ever really acknowledged her fan club (us)?

She’s been really good at leaving it alone to my knowledge. I’m actually very surprised she never tried to turn us into paypigs. Half the forms would probably do it.