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Betsy Resto's case

Richard Stalkins

Jackie Singh is a pedophile
Yall niggas including myself was sleeping at the wheel on this one because the ball has been rolling for a while and we missed several dates. Here's what you need to know:

Betsy Resto has been sued by a manlet Spic after she accused him of being a rapist. The next court date is Thursday, 12 January at 10:00AM - Branch 31 Room 402 You can view the case here:


As you can see, court hearings still take place via Zoom. It should also be noted that she retained her own noted twink faggot brother to represent her, along with this guy.


Wait a second. Is that...




I was only jokin'
Here's some slampig poetry from a relatively svelte Betsy circa 2016 and 225lbs.

I dare you to try to get through the whole thing.


What a nigga will go through to get some fat slob pussy. Bad enough you have to pry up the gut to get to it, but to sit through this embarrassing nonsense at an open mic beforehand? Get some self esteem, "beatman".