APOSTLEGATE6 - Bomb Threats and Outstanding Debts




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I'm pointing out that the retarded types like to pretend to be connected. had friends who just acted the part and had other retards give them shit to feel like they were mobsters. I wasn't anything to anybody, but my friends and I played that game too, just in a smaller way. I had some retarded guy I work with who was calling in bets acting like a mobster and he bragged how he held the action, which is stupid, because the only thing you control when gambling is who your pick is, letting another guy make it is foolish. The money is the vig not the losses. I guess it's a New York thing, but I see it lots of places, everybody thinks being a criminal is cool, it's not, but growing up around it you get the idea of what motivates people. How is it you think I get the pig to oink like he does, blind luck? My play was correct, it wasn't rescued by Space Edge, but rather exploited, which was my plan, to have anybody see it and it blow up on Pat. Thankfully SE knew a good thing to do with it.
I like you guy, but what the fuck are you doing?


The Lizard King
Careful bro, hope you don’t own a business.

It would make a pretty good MDE sketch.

A 60 year old fat man who pretends he’s Tony Soprano coming into your coffee shop trying to shake you down. He’s stood in the corner, frozen and confused, as he’s analysing the situation, downloading data of the place so he can compose his criminal master plan to bust you out.

Then he just makes a bomb threat on tape and is immediately arrested.