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Your chair looks like shit, Fat boy.
For a rumoured closeted homosexual, he certainly does have a red-blooded 14 year old boy's taste in women.


I am the crispy white spot in your soul
I actually loved the first two albums and I went to see him in Dublin in 05...oh wow ...he played against a completely bare background with just a DJ looking very lost!
He played 40 minutes and did Through the Wire twice. He didn’t have another MC with him so all the songs that had verses by someone else were cut short. He just awkwardly paced the huge empty stage looking very uncomfortable!

I really loved his work on Blueprint 1 by jay z . Who was much better live. I picked up College Dropout on vinyl and it’s so good. Definitely not sourced from the cd.

I absolutely love Yeezus and the idea that Rick Rubin just tore that album apart a few days before release is awesome. It’s a wonderful album.

Haven’t listened to much but what I heard of Pablo was good and I listened to some version of Donda2 and it was dogshit. Some of his more recent stuff sounds like he wanted to copy Deathgrips but forgot how to use

The Lex podcast was...interesting...the whole shitshow has me feel a bit sorry for him because he is obviously very unwell and that’s a minefield anyway, but with his lifestyle and fame it must be so much worse. He’s his own worst enemy though and I think if he fucked off for a year and got better it would be for the best but that’s not going to happen.

Oh and my fucking god Stacey Dash in the ‘All Falls Down’ video...wow. She’s out of this world.

I really like Saul Williams. Got into him when Trent Reznor produced the Niggy Tardust album and stayed because he is awesome. The Kills do a very cool cover of List of Demands actually. Surprisingly it works.


i saw him at a festival where he played like 1/8th the set and ranted the other part of the set. i still enjoyed it because other people were so mad it was funny to listen to hippies booing him. some of his stuff slaps, child. not all of it. he's a very good artist but he's not my specific cup of tea with hip hop.