WWAWD Chain sports bars?

Troy Maclure

So easily forgotten…
people will shit on them in the comments however Jon Taffer will never fuck with a Buffalo Hot wings because they have training for all their employees, They have great marketing, there costs are down, and blah blah blah

Mom and Pop Sports bars are nice but they never last, and bartenders will rob them blind

I don't know what the point is of the above. Honestly, I just wanted to make a Jon Taffer reference.... I love that dude
John Taffer’s a real ass dude

Jesse Ventura

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I sometimes go to a Caribbean sports bar a few blocks from me. It’s nice because I’m often the only white guy and I get treated like a novelty by friendly island folk. White guy sports bars have too many eggheads looking to fight because one guy said Sergei Fedorov was overrated or whatever. At least where I’m at.


Blackface Killah
I'd rather drink at a real bar, I'd rather eat at a real restaurant and I'd rather watch TV at home.

These places are PG-13 Applebee's - not actual bars. Faggots take their kids there and you can buy merchandise on the way out. It's like Disney's version of a bar, with branded menus and special hot wing sauces with zany names - fuck you. You might as well be drinking at a Chili's

Also, the food at those places is the worst kind of garbage. Bar food is supposed to be bad because the bar doesn't give a shit about the quality, they just don't want you to leave if you get hungry. Meanwhile, these fucking chain places have menus built by corporate, formally trained chefs trying to ape actual awful bar food and they have the nerve to make it the main attraction. I can't even blame them, either. They're making fucking money hand over fist. The places are always packed with dimwitted losers stuffing their faces...

Which is why I'd rather just watch TV at home. I've got a nice place with a nice den with a nice TV and a nice selection of booze. I'm at a place in my life where I'm not trying to make new friends. I'd rather host a bbq for my circle of friends than go to faggot Hooters.