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WWAWD Chain sports bars?


Marrying jules when ((redbar)) croaks
Outback, hooters, twin peaks, BWW,
Im all in wit dem to be honest withchu

Duffys is pretty comfy

Go with a gal, your pals, it’s even great by yourself.
Everyone is in a good mood, not too pricey, gives you a reason to drink outside of the house, go #ruizing

Game on the big screen, 2 for 1 beers, get a nice buzz lightyear, order some sweet chili wings, maybe a philly cheesesteak with onion rings, etc.
It’s good to be a normie every so often, y’all.

They represent a unique slice of americana that no overseas faggot can even concieve of, so don’t even try to riff on this, limeys and clog cucks






Marrying jules when ((redbar)) croaks
Overpriced hangouts for obese needle-dicks to get drunk and fight each other over whose favorite faggot sports team is better and shove a bunch of goyslop down their throats.

No thanks.

Oh really mr high society?
Do you prefer ordering old fashions at a jazz bar while contemplating the effect of the frankfurt school on contemporary higher education?
Shut the fuck up FAGGOT
America was built on grit, chevys, and apple pie
If you actually arent doing a bit, you sound insufferable irl lol


Still spreading the O&A virus
Overpriced hangouts for obese needle-dicks to get drunk and fight each other over whose favorite faggot sports team is better and shove a bunch of goyslop down their throats.

No thanks.
"Yeah let's spend $15 a beer to watch niggers put a ball into a hoop!! I hope they marry white women!!! Yay!!!" - Every faggot in this thread.

Lamont & Tonelli

Brevity is... wit.
If you don't have easy access to a good sports watching setup for get-togethers with friends, I get the appeal. If you(or a friend) already have a big screen and comfy seating, I don't get why you'd choose the bar other than maybe a work party. I like a nice cozy dive bar or ethnic restaurant, but BJ's is a decent small chain with tolerable food and they always have sports on. I think it might be west coast only, though.
A Brothaman meetup at a sports bar would be PFG, but that's down to company more than venue.


I have a face like a shovel
people will shit on them in the comments however Jon Taffer will never fuck with a Buffalo Hot wings because they have training for all their employees, They have great marketing, there costs are down, and blah blah blah

Mom and Pop Sports bars are nice but they never last, and bartenders will rob them blind

I don't know what the point is of the above. Honestly, I just wanted to make a Jon Taffer reference.... I love that dude