WWAW Podcasts?


they tell me I’m sweet enough
Nick Mullen on TAFS got me with a good one while I was at work. I had to metaphorically pull the rig over. All these comics and their dumb podcasts about smoking cigars or Star Wars meanwhile Nick isn't afraid to get laughs about fucked up shit. Whatever happened to laughter?


they used to call sex hotline and bra store, now all they do is call record stores and ask if they know who Beethoven is

That might have happened on Jason Segel. Nothing can be gold 1000% of the time but the highs of WRP are higher than anything else. And they do occasionally still call bra/underwear stores and his wife is Big Nancy who wears her underwear backwards because her bush is so huge. Listen to any of the Ted Danson episodes they are the best thing in media.
Honestly the only one I can think of thats not like this (even though i still don’t listen to it) is Bill Burrs podcast where he decides to literally ramble about anything rather than seemingly rambling about the same 5 topics over and over again.
I stopped listening when he kept having that nigger transexual on,child


they tell me I’m sweet enough
Where do you get the episodes?
I downloaded the whole thing from the internet archive.

It's something like 250gb in total. I keep a secondary backup too just in case. If the internet archive decides to be gay and remove it for whatever reason I don't want to risk losing it. I should upload it to the cloud as well at some point. I don't give a fuck if they rewrite books but I'll be damned if they take my Ron & Fez from me.

Mr Ass

I liked really early los episodes. They were much higher energy, new skanks episodes put me to sleep. It’s not even like they’re unfunny (except for Dave Smith).
I just saw a youtube clip from 5-6 years ago. Jimmy and Dave still not like each other?


Fruit Loops, Cheerios, Pops, Trix, Cocoa Pebbles
I just saw a youtube clip from 5-6 years ago. Jimmy and Dave still not like each other?
I don’t remember them ever mentioning each other after the initial los/Jim and Sam episodes discussing it but I’m not certain