White wahmen hate thread

Patrick O'Neal


Harry Kilmer

What was your 40 at 22, did you play a sport?
Her boyfriend - what a pussy. Yes of course he would get stomped, but how do you not instinctively attack when he breaks your girlfriend’s jaw?
Although on reflection, I can’t tell you how many times some stupid bitch I was dating ran her mouth and seemingly tried to get me killed in an unnecessary altercation with some other dude. At a certain point you almost want this to happen so they learn their lesson.
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mixed kids with white moms grow up to be extremely problematic. they assume their privilege because of where they're from and what school they went to meanwhile they're a whole nigger.
Don't be jealous- also my mom was your typical "white mom Karen." I grew up in a very strict house--- I also have a white dad, so there's that.