White wahmen hate thread


Understands that racists can enter contracts.


It really was a gilded age. I bet you would have thrived in the Victorian Era, pioneer-type though none of that gay bullshit about cravats and starched collars.
Yup. Pioneer days for sure. I've been learning how to skin red foxes and coyotes (in case they come after my chickens when we're set up on the homestead). Hubby brings home the bacon and I fry it in the pan. :)


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Anyone got that study/poll from Sweden that shows the overwhelming majority of men were in favour of right wing/nationalist parties and tended to vote that way, whilst the overwhelming majority of women vote the complete opposite and want more immigration etc?.. I found it pretty funny seeming as shitskins are running around sodomising them and killing each other. It's the quintessential turkeys voting for christmas.