While Fat is at DorkCon...

She might be there.
Random thought: I wish Thiki was physically abusive. Would be great to have footage of or at least a story about her slapping piggy in his snout in public after her tenth voice mail that day about some escort returning her inquiry about nigger farts. He wouldn't be able to do anything without the entire con coming down on him. A man can dream.


The Lizard King
That’s only because they seem obtainable. I like the same. But if I am offered in her prime Niki or in her prime Angelina Jolie (When she still had tits) I’m sure the fuck not picking Niki

That’s part of it, for sure.

Though I can honestly say I’m not sexually aroused by super models and stuff. It’s just like… I admire works of great art, I can stare at it and want to display it but I don’t wanna fuck a painting you know?


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She's aimlessly roaming random creeks and puddles looking for frogs...frumpy bitch

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