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Tsss this guy's good

Sue Lightning

hey, miss you!
You Wouldn't Understand...

Jesus christ. Fucking faggot. Ricky Gervais and Louis CK pioneered what I can only call douchebag comedy. They both have shows where they’re the main characters and portrayed as middle aged schlubs who are dicks but get this…they have such a unique outlook on life and are also the smartest fucking people in the world who, maybe they’re mean, but they’re right! Don’t you hate when you walk into a coffee shop and the MILLENIAL BARISTA asks you if you want a VENTI SOY MOCHIOTO? JUST GIVE ME A FREAKING REGULAR COFFEE MAAM! Thank god Ricky exists to point out how ridiculous coffee naming systems are. Praise to him, the fucking intellectual genius. Did I also mention he’s an atheist? Wow. Brave.

Queefer Sutherland

Fix me, Josh!
I never realized how touched up his stomach is in this picture. Fuck, I hate him so much. I respect Bill Maher because he dislikes all religions. The British Office sucks by the way.

Bullshit. Bill Maher is 1,000% Zog.



I liked this song as a kid, but never saw the video. I expected it to be him and some comedians cameos with funny visuals of pissing on a toilet seat. Instead it's anonymous white trash cosplaying in their friend's yard.