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TSLA up 32% in the last month

How is your short position going, Pat? Oh, it never existed to begin with?


Brooke Shields

I scream like a woman at 1:30 AM to female police
I don't know stocks or what Patrick has said about it, so i googled "Shorts in stocks" and went to images


So I can deduce that Patrick promised to "short" Tesla stock, thus making money, but this was obviously a lie because due to several reasons (hopefully a true attempt)


No staIker. I lie not at all.
Oh but sweetie, he bought back in at the low point so he can short it all over again at the exact right time. I'm sorry you're so bad at investing.
100% what he would say. I've been trying to discuss this with Pat but the texting apps don't like me anymore. If someone else who understands this could do the honors I'd appreciate it.


No staIker. I lie not at all.
Funny how the losers on twitter like Pat -who didn’t leave are silent on this. The man they hate named Elon Musk they said would destroy their favorite toy.
He's the most disingenuous cunt alive. He doesn't give a shit about anything other than how it can be presented as the fault of Evil White People for likes on Twitter. If Elon was a militant black he wouldn't say shit.