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The last 10 years have sucked ass.


Holding hands in a circle of N-words
I'm still holding out that there will be a Elder Scrolls VI leak will happen
Elder Scrolls VI will never happen...


...and if it does, it'll suck.


I wish it was 9/27 again
yeah- you got older

your 40's are supposed to suck.....

the good news is that you will organically adopt one of those "I don't give a fuck" attitudes because you been through so much FAWKIN shit by the time your 44 that you're invincible.

it's a tough journey but you're better off in the end

btw- 10 days after I make this post, I'll probably hang myself

You need to go all-in with Gattoposting.

I'm pretty sure Q posts here, he's a fat lonely O&A fan after all.
Since 2012, almost everyone I loved and/or cared about has died. Four of them died in a five month stretch of 2018 alone. At this point, I'm just happy to get through each day without dropping dead myself. It can all turn on a dime, at any second, and there's nothing you or anyone else can do about it. So I just try to find my pleasures where I can and avoid getting all whiny and pissy-eyed about it.


The Ricci/Lawless/Redhead Chick From B52s Alliance
Surely a maudlin display of self-pity posted on a forum dedicated to oftentimes brutal mockery is the cure for your malaise. I might be serious, it's hard to tell. Agreed the world feels more gay and retarded than it used to be.
Actually when I was depressed about turning 30, someone on the old forum told me to kill myself so I wouldnt have to turn 30, and that genuinely made me laugh and get over it.

Lamont & Tonelli

Brevity is... wit.
Actually when I was depressed about turning 30, someone on the old forum told me to kill myself so I wouldnt have to turn 30, and that genuinely made me laugh and get over it.
I was kinda like that, then I remembered this episode of Full House where Danny Tanner is turning 30, and the way he says "...Thirty." with a drawn out faggoty pause like that made me realize how gay it is to care about that stuff. This too shall pass. KKTITN


I have a face like a shovel
it'll suck

....I couldn't even hold my composure towards the end

and earnestly- it's the only thing that is keeping me alive.....

I'm a normie when it comes to all things TES so spare me all that shit about Oblivion, and morrowwood


Glow nigger. Got any of those IPs for me?
2012... every decision I've made since then has been wrong.

10 years. 10 ffffawkin years.

I met a few beautiful people... but they would have all been better off without me if we're being honest.

I need to undo it all. I need to go back to the way I used to be. I was one of the most sober and empathetic people in the country.

Few days and a few opinions. One thing is learn a trade. Messicans we're letting in don't have them and we're letting a bunch in. Electrician isn't that hard tbh... don't touch shit that will kill you.

I just took a month off to do nothing between jobs and fucked with a bunch of companies that wanted me. I ended up signing with a company paying me 5k less than the last place at a 150k a year and I have shit for education. 5k when I make 150 is nothing. This isn't bragging. We destroyed the trades and companies are desperate. If you can remember that brown is 24v and blue is 0v you can make a living

Learn plcs nobody understands the magical box that runs their food plants. I can hook you up if you want

Also I'm gay and whatever

Edit. I'm a functioning alcoholic but I can make it through a shift
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