Taking bets - Assailant kills 5 with bow in Norway


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100 people die by guns in the US every single day. By their own hand or others. It's just accepted toll much like COVID deaths are now "the cost of doing business" terrorists are much rarer be it far right or Muslim.
20-40k per year isn’t even a drop in the bucket compared to car deaths or fat people complications.

Around 8k of that is nigger on nigger.

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No need to fear. Joseph Cumia is already mocking the incident and making it about some Boomer shit.

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Yeah it’s about some “Boomer” SHIT. It’s not showing the INCOMPETENCY of the MSM (CNN, NYT, MSNBC. Etc) and the libtards that don’t believe in RIGHTS for every American. Maybe you didn’t get the joke. Bows are slow firing, but the MEDIA will try and make it about GUNS. You millennials don’t care about your OWN rights as humans. If you even are that.🤔🤔🤔

Your 2A right is an AMERICAN right (sorry Canada😜) and is need to overthrow TYRANNICAL government. You probably believe everything about the Covid 19 “Pandemic” as well. Keep thinking it doesn’t matter. Like the forefathers before me I will KEEP fighting. Even if you millennials are too stupid to appreciate (((anything))) us Boomers have done for you.

The lessons over. Now get Fauci’s dick out of your mouths so you can respond.😎😎😎





You just got BOOMed on by the Cow!
I knew this was likely to exist but I didn't want to depress myself by confirming it. I need a 6 hour Joe Rogan explanation about why this is against the creed of bow hunters.

All betting is over and the result is now in. So, anyone who had "radicalized" Muslim take a bow. That's everyone of course. I hear the killings happened after the police initially interacted with him. Cue the Benny Hill music as he impales half a dozen old folks.