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So So So So Did Joe lose the cruise or what?


Helping those 8 to 80
No way in hell Joe is eligible for social security and if he is , not much. You have to report actual income for 10 years. Galaxy brain Joe has always found a way to work for cash and not pay taxes. So he has never paid much tax on his income and certainly not social security. Maybe he had someone deduct taxes from his paper route but he has had a legit job in decades. Social Security payouts are based oh your highest 35 YEARS of work. He is still under the retirement age so if he too SS at 62 he would be getting. The minimum payment from SS is $49.40 a month for 10 years work. The minimum for 30 years of work is $1,033.50. And that is if you work to age 67. If he is getting SS he isn't getting much. No SS, no pension, no savings. He has to play his plastic guitar for change until he drops dead.
Yeah,but that moose lodge gig!


It would have been pure comedy gold though, I'll tell you that. Solo Joe, trapped on some creaky tub, seasick, homesick, and hungry...I seriously doubt he'd have lasted more than a few days. He would have bailed in Aruba or wherever and begged Nana for a plane ticket home, guaranteed. Then he'd start with the long-winded Facebook rants about the cruise line and how he was misled and etc. Oh, it would have been so much fun. There are only so many Moose Lodge jokes you can make, you know?

You don’t see many cruise workers his size either. It is way too uncomfortable for anyone who can’t sleep comfortably in a kid sized bed.


You don’t see many cruise workers his size either. It is way too uncomfortable for anyone who can’t sleep comfortably in a kid sized bed.
Size or age! This is, once again, a retread of what I said before but, other than the people literally steering the ship, cruise life is for the young. High school and college grads with NO clue what they want to do. Sail the seven seas, have zero living expenses, work hard, see a lot of cool shit. It's not for a 70 year old 6' 1" man who has a build that is literally larger than the entire bathroom in your employee cabin.

Would love to know details about how this fell apart.