SHOTS FIRED! Patrick S. Pigman goes after friend of the show Dane Cook!


Pure cope. He's mad because when he was in his twenties he couldn't get any pussy because girls were hooking up with men in their thirties and forties. Now he's in his forties and he still can't get that twenty year old puss, so it's "creepy" for Dane to do it being a little bit older than him. Guarantee he thinks Mel is a creep too.

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Mel and Dane have many things the Pigman doesent. Careers, money, respect.
lol at faggots and post-wall bitches arriving to the conclusion that adult women aged 18 are too retarded to decide who to interact with

all as a cope to make their barren 41yo empty egg carton of a hag wife
What is the approved age of consent range according to sci fi writers/reddit? Seems it's 5-16 ok, then God help you if you touch a woman until she hits menopaus or 200kg.


Cars aren't built like they used to be. They're b
Mel and Dane have many things the Pigman doesent. Careers, money, respect.

Plus, one other thing:
At a bar drinking shots with some college aged women, he took their hand and pressed it against his crotch asking them, if he was bigger than their dad.


He said it.

He then pulled out said member for two of the women who then went back to his hotel with him.


Want to dance, little man?
Fuck that, if I'm 50+ and I get bang 20 year olds, I'm gonna do it. The only people who are gonna bitch are the women that hit the wall and incels, both who can't get any. Which is why they're bitching in the first place.
I don't have an issue with that. That's what I meant by "who gives a shit?" I don't expect others to share my arbitrary standards. I wouldn't think any less of you if you did.