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Pat swatted yet again


Cars aren't built like they used to be. They're b
I said this when he did that dumb news interview. The worst thing you can do when you're swatted is generate publicity about it. It gives the pieces of shit that swat people the reaction that they're looking for.
Technically, the worst thing you can do is to release footage of you getting swatted as that gets a visceral comedic reaction from your atalkers; but since he did that too it's kind of a moot point.

I still think if the cops seized his phone they'd find the VOIP software he's using to do this.


Cars aren't built like they used to be. They're b
Whatever shit head did this just delayed us from getting the bodycam footage from the last one by a very long time. Swatting is actually retarded. All you’ve done is validate his claims of being a victim. Good job, idiot.
...and who benefits from this? Pat.

Follow the benefit, journalists and police; that's the most likely source of Pat's swatting.


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Looks like he was tweeting his dumb shit an hour after the incidenT...at around 12:30 MKE time so doubt anything went down.
They probably sternly told him to stop tweeting about it and drawing attention to his police visits, considering this is their 3rd visit there. I'm sure Pat was noticeably defensive/annoyed when they said this, an odd reaction from a "victim".

Brooke Shields

I scream like a woman at 1:30 AM to female police
he was on edge all yesterday morning cause he forgot the false flag was the next day



It's a funny name.
Jesus Christ man. Let it be known that the onaforums does NOT condone this shit or think it's funny. Whoever is doing this, stop making him an actual victim please. His life dream is to be a victim. It's what he lives for so stop giving him what he wants, stupid.

This is the correct take. The fact that someone recorded him oinking at the police was funny but overall there's really not much funny to be gained by anyone doing this and like others have said, it's what he so desperately wants. He's a white male so this is the only way he can be a "victim".


Interesting that this happened the day a news article was published about him being SWATted.
He's orchestrating all of this to demonstrate the threats are "escalating." Get ready for a 16 tweet diatribe about us, texts, pizza deliveries, swatting, and then conveniently linking to this article.

He's 100% swatting himself at this point. It's all performative for him to go viral, shut us down, or both.