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New Dave Smith stand up special

Lamont & Tonelli

Brevity is... wit.
called out in public
For what? His opinions aren't interesting or controversial enough to upset enough people, he seems pretty straight-laced now, and sadly being a wigger in your past isn't enough. I may well be missing a lot of information on this, but I just don't see Dave as worth anyone's time to bother.
I don't even mind him on LOS, though mostly due to his attitude of "I'm better than this" when of the three he is clearly not. Occasional good line or funny tag, and his existence makes Norton seethe, so I'd spare him the first round of wall-facing.
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"AnTi-swaTTing laws"
Politics is for faggots but I don’t understand how people say he’s unfunny on LOS. I think they all feel each other in a bit and it doesn’t work without all three of them. I think he got way funnier as the podcast went on.
Yeah the interrupting Dave episode from the early days really show how he's grown and they've developed more of a rhthym.

Single Action Army

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I admire this (((comedian’s))) grift. He isn’t and has never been funny. He’s admitted to making way more money from libertarian speaking engagements than he does at comedy. He’s also making big money from the LOS pod, which he contributes nothing to. Only in America…

Wow, a talentless kike making money in entertainment. A true pioneer, this Mr. Smithstein


The DMAN Says...

Wew it'sh a TWO potty Shishtum


I was only jokin'
I really don't follow stand up at all to be honest.

But between this, the stand up subreddit, and podcasts it just seems you need to have a hook up and are set.

It is just not funny, and not trying to be an elitist or anything. But it seems talent is not a factor, when it should be. They all have shit stage presence, horrible delivery and cadence.

There are alot of really funny motherfuckers on here, can't imagine trying to break in show business wise. Unless you are part of the Rogan mafia. I mean, Andrew Santino and Joey Diaz?
It's such a dated format, almost like old vaudeville routines at this point. Set-up, punch, call back, etc. Fucking boring hack shit. Not that it can't ever be funny (Luis was pretty funny live), but the off-the-cuff/conversational style of radio and podcasts is superior. And even those are oversaturated with just nonsense at this point.

People on sites like this are funnier than stand-ups because they're free to say whatever they want in any way they please. They're not constrained by having to use their real name or having to suck up to showbiz chomos so they can get a role as the wacky neighbor on the next shitcom nobody cares about. And even though stuff like LOS is "edgier" than most mainstream comedy, they still have to soften the blow of saying racist things by having segments of Pig Gay Oinkerson talking about cuck porn, calling trannies "she", and expressing faggoty politically correct opinions.
Politics is for faggots but I don’t understand how people say he’s unfunny on LOS. I think they all feel each other in a bit and it doesn’t work without all three of them. I think he got way funnier as the podcast went on.
It's the same shit they did with OnA and with cumtown. This shit works because of the chemistry they all have together. Taking out the perceived unfunny one ruins the funny