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Morning cuppa


Stand Alone Fruit
That firepit is too close to his house.

Ord. 214-9 allows for backyard fire pits “built of metal, concrete or brick, well covered or screened to prevent the escape of sparking and burning embers” and placed at least 15 feet from any combustible structure. A charcoal or gas grill outside a single-family or 2-family home is exempt from the 15-feet requirement.

He's obviously never used it but if he ever does he will be made to remove it immediately.
Plus a fire pit is meant to be used at dusk / night. Due to all “those people” living around him Pat knows it’s not safe outside after dark.


I'm gay and my dick is small.
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Your chair looks like shit, Fat boy.
Reminder that tea is his Mountain Dew substitute. He was still doing the dew on a daily basis right up to his Dachau honeymoon. It was his main source of caffeine into his 30's. Also coffee hurts his sensitive tummy like a child

Slackjawed Cow

I laugh at them because they're all the same.
Is he taking a day off from work? Lots of people do that over memorial day weekend...nice 4 day weekend after hard work building shitty Adirondack chairs and puttering about in that shitty yard of theirs.
Im sure he was just enjoying the peaceful morning before he takes his daughter to a parade or some other fun family event this weekend. Sure beats sitting at home or in a bar all holiday rage tweeting like some deadbeat drunk.