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More Ooga nonsense - he is 100% not going back

The Björk Brotherman

Ringo ain't here, nigger. You're on thin ice.
This guy is a fucking retard. I hope ICE do the legal and right thing and deport his black ass back to Africa.
I hope a skinhead gang deports him to hell.



Pugnacious lil shorty wit a 1000 IQ

Harry Kilmer

I am regularly referred to as Fatrick on the Site
I love that he doesn't fundamentally understand what a pun is but is too stubborn and arrogant to be corrected. So he's just gonna keep doing it his way and if you disagree you're a racist.

There's no term for his wordplay thing because nobody has been dumb enough to invent it. Maybe a couple hyperactive preschoolers came up with the idea but forgot about it by naptime.
I’ve seen his wordplay “joke” many times, he didn’t invent it


Fat bitch with faggot tits
It is, but you must know he doesn't believe it at all, not late at night when he's alone with his thoughts.
I always felt that ogchog knew he was a grifter through and through. He's Nigerian. Scamming rubes is just clever business to them. But I'm starting to think he's run so far with SFWAs praise that he believes it's true. I don't remember so much of the "godlike genius" bullshit before he won his award. Maybe he's just doubling down on the rhetoric to solidify his hold over the real low hanging fruits in SFWA before the jig is up.
He talks tough about “fighting back” and other nonsense on twitter but he is the most thin skinned asshole. He couldn’t even come up with a response or explain that they are puns because he doesn’t even understand puns. Just like how he cried over the Dan podcast and that it MUST BE TAKEN DOWN claiming he was called every racial slur when he wasn’t even called ONE slur. It’s amazing how these sci fi writers all seem to be the biggest cowards with thin skin.
Blacks are generally extremely thin skinned.
That’s what i wanna know, he’s been here for months and has been traveling all over which is not cheap. They’re spending all the memberships money on ONE person. I’d be furious if I was a paying member because they don’t shit for a majority of their members.
From an IRS standpoint, even if they were spreading the love to all their members equally, they would still be grossly misappropriating their funds. As a CHARITY (not a professional organization), the vast majority of the money that comes in must be spent outward on non-members and causes. This would be like the Red Cross only spending their money on cancer treatment for their own members.