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More Ooga nonsense - he is 100% not going back


Stand Alone Fruit
I don’t want to steal @captain_kamala’s thunder but Ooga might be just as hatable at Pat with his arrogance and undeserved ego.

Ooga thinks he’s a New Yorker now and he’s a member of the community. Everyone knows everyone? No they don’t, stupid.

He did his awful “puns that aren’t puns” joke and someone made this comment. Odds are Ooga didn’t even understand the joke this guy was making. Unpredictable? Just stop.


And here is how he pictures himself and you know he believes every stupid thought he has is quality.


Stand Alone Fruit
The SFWA and Pat should also be reported for human trafficking. This guy is a potential rapist.
It makes me happy that the SFWA are stuck this Ooga dope and will have to spend membership dues on all his visa issues until the cut him off. They really hitched their wagon to an idiot who will bring them nothing but trouble and headaches.


Stand Alone Fruit
Nigger. I wasn't even rude.


He talks tough about “fighting back” and other nonsense on twitter but he is the most thin skinned asshole. He couldn’t even come up with a response or explain that they are puns because he doesn’t even understand puns. Just like how he cried over the Dan podcast and that it MUST BE TAKEN DOWN claiming he was called every racial slur when he wasn’t even called ONE slur. It’s amazing how these sci fi writers all seem to be the biggest cowards with thin skin.


Stand Alone Fruit
Even Nigerian-Americans are selling out Ooga Booga now.

Check out the latest email from my new friend:

View attachment 91353
View attachment 91354
Now he’s going to Orlando? He’s never leaving and I believe he will bankrupt the SFWA. They already lost money on Pats dumb lawsuit and you know they will be stuck paying all visa and legal fines / fees related to him. They are bending over backwards for him giving him money, awards, hotels, and who knows what else and he HASNT EVEN WRITTEN A BOOK! I’d be furious as an author if I was black and knew my membership went helping them feel good about themselves because he’s the “right” type of black.