mm schill's husband isn't white either


The gypsy tickler
Haha, claiming to be a gypsy when you are actually a low class Pole. Is there no culture this swine won't wear as a costume? Try Wahabi Islam and a nice chadra, we will be free from both drawings and looking at obesity.
What's great is that HMS Schill and white supremacists agree: just one drop and you aren't white. Her husband is 99.8% Northern/Eastern European but there is a family rumor about a Gypsy woman 7 generations ago and that makes him not white.

Also, this fat slob is a moron. Who is "raised German"? You mean eating German food once and awhile and otherwise being American? I'm sure she was "raised Polynesian". Fucking idiot.


I got a lien on my house!
She has no problem enjoying that white privilege though. No matter what she says, her and her husband will always get treated and looked at as white.
Dumb fat cunt. You don't get to fucking pick and choose what you are. Go eat some waffles and splatter some diarrhea for your gypsy to clean up.

I'm sure this twink is going back to Romania to see his family there all the fucking time