Joe Cumias DD214


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It finally came, basically the same day Pat got cuffed. 7/25 should be a holiday. I'm still not sure what this all means but he didn't even serve a full year

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:fighter_sm:: "These records need to be re-dac-ted. America's finest soldiers served with honor and distinction for the same amount of time as a woman being pregnant. They deserve their glory but also their pri-va-cy."

We're gonna need breaking news headlines on the forum homepage. This kind of thing might pass under the radar (that's a military reference, Dan) while Rick hogs all the attention.


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From what I can decipher, he went in, got a few badges jumping out of a plane, shooting an M-16, and throwing a few grenades. Then after 9 months he decided that he didn't want to commit to further military service, so he's discharged through the delayed entry program?

This dumb wop basically went to summer camp but calls himself a veteran. fucking disgraziata