Jim Florentine's Pig Roast


Chi non è con noi è contro di noi.
Jim would have no fucking personality had he not copied Colin and Florentine. When they roasted his early stand up I can't fucking BELIEVE that Patrice ripped him about it. He told him right to his face "that stupid voice in the tape is probably your real voice"

EDIT: fucking PLEASE tell me someone made sure Rick has heard comedian Jim Florentine soft serving all over him for 5 minutes straight 😂😂😂
Yes, I believe Pat and many of his followers have received it multiple times.


I've never listened but I probably will now. He turned one patrick tweet into like 5 minutes of gold. His kids hilarious
The early ones from 2013 were pretty good. Ripping on shitty social media posts and Dunkin’ advertisements. There was also one where he made fun of people who are obsessed with shopping at Sam’s Club, Costco and BJ’s. He also tells the Saran Wrap condom story.


Dis duck stirr rive!!
I know Louie’s FX show fell off after the first 2 seasons but did anyone see the episode with Florentine? I think it might have been the last episode since it was close to the time Louie got in trouble. Jim played a comedian opening for Louie so they have to stay together in comedy club condo and Jim hates him. He calls Louie out for being a pretentious asshole and dies from hitting his head trying to do an upper decker. Good stuff.



'You're a 42 year old man. You're wishing happy birthday to yourself.'

It's pretty universal. You could approach any culture anywhere in the world with this tweet and they'll call Pat a faggot for doing this.
I get annoyed when grown men act like faggots about their birthday on Social Media. Unless you and your boys went to Vegas, got wasted, got coked up and killed a hooker, your birthday wasn’t shit.

At least most grown men don’t tweet about faggy shit like “Prezzies”.


"Hey Jim, remember that guy who was so happy about his prezzies? Well, turns out he does open mic nights, check this out."
This is exactly how you do it, although I wouldn't send him an entire video. He likes the bad social media posts because it's easy to just quickly riff off of them.

You just email Florentine w/ Pat's latest ridiculous Twitter post saying: "Hey Jim, remember the 42 year old with his 'prezzies'? Well check out his latest Tweet about..."