It's easy to lose trace of the fact that Anthony Cumia is a legitimate pedophile

That English girl on vine with braces was actually of age but she looked SO young. Occasionally I will be watching a porn and the obviously adult woman will look too young and i change videos and this is on pornhub.

Anthony was searching out people who could pass for 14 easily

Sue Lightning

Drag show= grooming kids, kill all the libs, Biden execution, no God in America, only Jesus’s true vessel Trump can save us
You say shit like this and here come the 1IQ tards going “Yeah but drag shows are pedophile hubs.” WE KNOW! Thats not the point. The point is that, just like how Anthony complains about blacks…WHO GIVES A FUCK IF HE’S RIGHT? It’s the pot calling the kettle a nigger.
He was grooming what he believed to be a 14 year old girl on Twitter